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During working out of one of our projects we have faced necessity to give in client html a drawing considerable quantity. From the point of view minimalizatsii loadings on the server to build the volume drawing on client side is a unique correct decision. By search ready and approaching us JS decisions from this area we thoroughly have sat down on JS which allows to trace easily vector graphics in all actual for today browsers. Having understood in funktsionale and having debugged some functions on creation of the basic types of diagrammes, we have decided to share here the operating time. So. The example described more low creates means Raphael and PHP the pie chart in format SVG, presented on the image. We have tried to describe as much as possible in detail the source code to help all to those who independently to understand it has not found forces or time. Clipping magic: the online tool for a cutting of a picture from a background on the basis of technologies of machine intelligence is intended for the decision of only one problem — removals of a background of the image, but it does it rather not bad. Unlike the majority of similar tools, it has the convenient and simple interface and thus result it turns out very decent. Perhaps, it is possible to make only in the present big editor like Photoshop or Gimp better and more accurately, having spent thus much more time. The algorithm of work is very simple: we load a picture, we allocate green object, and red — a background, then by several strokes it is corrected the remained flaws. All process occupies literally minute-other and does not demand special hardness of a hand. The image can be scaled, thus the size of a brush does not change, allowing to process fine details. The result can be kept in format PNG. The main thing most, in my opinion, that SAPR perfectly will approach for students, on a study debt to which should draw much. This tool excellently replaces AutoCAD and is free for individual using. Having passed a two-hour way from 'what to do' to 'фуух', decided to share with habrazhitel method of recovery of absolutely killed Coreldraw file after a krash of this program. So: you work in Coreldraw, autosave and backup copies are included, there is the 2 or 5 hour of work, and here suddenly the Karelian falls. In our situation reproached, being in agony, ground all rates and backup copies. You have only your file when which opening you see an empty leaf. Recently even more often there was articles in whom authors recommended to use SVG for backgroud-image. Really, application of SVG brought the big favor. In all read articles very slightly it were mention about productivity of otrisovka of SVG that are more zatratny operation as it are necessary for the browser each time anew otrisovyvat a raster. And here one fine day, ha open the one web application, I noting that my browser madly 'devoured' storage — the one tab 'eating' about 600 MIB. On МacBook with retiny business even more poorly. Investigation where storage leaked from this point on beginning. To whom it are interesting, welcome under kat. there are problems connected with big errors and distortion of the created image during removal from an axial meridian. A root of these problems is that Gauss-Krueger's projection represents sixty 'lobes' of six-degree zones between which the distance of 500 km is artificially entered. It occurs because standard methods of visualization do not consider narrowing of zones to poles, and represent them as rectangular. For overcoming of these problems there are methods of sewing together of cards on one axial meridian. as an example of usage of Google Maps of API. It are necessary to suppose slices of a land in appropriate places on a card, consider scanning of sphere on a plane — . As it is known, in such projection the scale on a card are not constant, and increased from the equator to poles as a reverse cosine of latitude. In appropriate way SVG memberwise a puzzle was enumerat. I since the childhood irregularly breathed to ink and feather. From the moment of emergence of the tablet looked for the graphics editor which was able: This article, first of all for beginners, those who only has decided to be engaged demostsenoj if article is positively accepted by community I will make a cycle of several articles about creation of demos. Each article will be short, but in the end of each article there will be quite working example. At once I will warn, this article not about that how to do Demo by means of OpenGL, DirectX, and millions shejderov, about it is many good articles, I will write about drawing to memories. Source.

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