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You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. In my opinion, tablets and similar gadgets will never be change for powerful desktop or notebook computer.How can you image seriously design without of relative big screen , keyboard and mouse?Tablets can found they role in function of presentation of work but for seriously design - no way. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. I Personally Prefer to go for Live Trace in Illustrator ,Because it is Quick & Powerful Tool to get the Best and Customized Result. What are the benefits of Vector Magic Desktop Edition? The Desktop Edition puts the power of Vector Magic - with all of its benefits - right on your desktop. In my opinion , vector magic is much better choice then Corel Draw Trace tool. Vector magic is dedicated software to one operation (tracing) so it's normal that vector magic has more sensitive adjustment then Corel trace. But don't forget vector magic is just provisional instrument (for one single operation) and almost always need correcting of Corel or Illustrator. hi rupadesign you are right but it is my opinion corel draw best for graphic you can say adob illustrator also good for graphic i like both software thanks nice post all the best If adobe dont step up to the plate and start making apps more universal for PC and Tablets or even coming out with a CS series made for tablets then they may have found the door... Lots of my friends use alternate apps for they are very similar to adobe but can be run on a tablet. BUT dont take up 10 gigs of disk space to run. I have heard of apps that can do the same but only run on less than a gig of ram and harddrive. I for one have not harnessed the power of a tablet yet but I hear that there is only one tablet than can run adobe products and it dont run as smooth as if your on a laptop.. I shall wait lol Why The Tablet Will Never Completely Replace Desktop Computers? ... When real work processing comes, then we have to rely on powerful desktops. ... It enables them to enjoy both of the worlds at the same time. I do have a few Comic book artist friends and most of them use tablets ' some are from DC and some from Marvel and a few other popular comic brands.... as mentioned they have it rigged so it only runs on a few megs of disk space and ram.. SLIM VERSION.. for the operating system and the apps that they use... One of them sold his 2 laptops and towers and only kept his printer.. everything is done from the tablet and an old hp printer. Its like saying no way possible that you can run movie editing apps on a laptop..back in the 80's maybe not.. now days its all possible.. lol The new tracing tool in Illustrator CS6 is really good. As good as vector magic. Although nothing beats manually redrawing for quality results. Source.

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