VECTOR | PHOTOSHOP | 3D PROGRAM TUTORIALS : Create a Simple Map Icon in Adobe Illustrator

In the following tutorial, you will learn how to create a simple map icon in Adobe Illustrator. First, using basic tool, effects and techniques, you will learn how to create the starting shapes. Next, using a bunch of rectangles and the Envelope Distort technique, you will create the simple map. Using basic blending and vector shape building techniques along with the Appearance panel, you will learn how to add shading and highlights for the overall icon. Finally, using basic shapes along with a Warp effect and the Appearance panel, you will learn how to create a simple map pin. ) for a live preview with the size and position of your shapes. Do not forget to set the unit of measurement to pixels from and focus on the left side of this new shape. Select both anchor points and simply drag them 10px up. In the end, things should look like in the second image. Make sure that this grey shape is still selected and go to , create several rectangles with the width set at 3px and place them roughly as shown in the first image. Just make sure that these new shapes cover only one of the three grey rectangles that lay behind. Continue with the and add some simple rectangles as shown in the fifth image. Finally, reselect the three grey rectangles in the back and replace the existing fill colors with to transfer the color properties from the fill to the stroke. Select this new stroke, align it to inside, set the size at 2pt and go to button (pointed by the little, blue arrow in the following image), add two new fills for this shape. Select the bottom fill, lower its panel. First, replace the flat color used for the fill with the linear gradient shown in the following image. Next, add a 1pt stroke, align it to inside and set the color at Source.

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