Vector Security Background – graphic component to protect your documents from coping. Usually used for diplomas, certificates, letterheads, charters and so on. On default all lines 100% black. All 36examples created by lines, and appropriate for HQ professional printing. Recommended thickness 40-100 microns (1 micron=0,001 mm). You can open this links in Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator CS* Size: set1-36mb, set2-31mb, set 3.1-19 mb, set3.2-23mb. Gif preview – 6,6 mb Format: cdr (Corel Draw & Adobe Illustrator) License: free for all WOW, THANKS!!!!!!!!!! I use to draw something like that in Illustrator but not at this level. Could you post some tutorials……… XHTML: You can use these tags: <,a href= title=>, <,abbr title=>, <,acronym title=>, <,b>, <,blockquote cite=>, <,cite>, <,code>, <,del datetime=>, <,em>, <,i>, <,q cite=>, <,strike>, <,strong>, Source.

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