Vector World Maps in Adobe Illustrator and PowerPoint Formats – Map Resources

Map Resources vector world maps are all layered, fully editable, EPS vector format. You can use Adobe Illustrator to modify any feature on the map, including text, lines, and color fills. To see how our digital world vector maps work, we encourage you to download a sample vector map and test it out on your own system.Finding the right world map clipart for your print, video, web and multimedia applications can be challenging. As a graphic artist or designer, you are often asked to use editable world map clipart in your presentations and print work. But you need more than an attractive image - you also need the flexibility of a vector world map. With Map Resources' vector world maps, you are using high resolution, accurate, and up-to-date using editable, digital images from all parts of the world. You'll find Illustrator world maps that include rectangular shaped, oval shaped, barrel shaped, interrupted, time zone, upside-down, world in a circle, or globes. You'll also find world map clipart of North America, including Canada and the United States, as well as South America, Africa, and Asia. Map Resources gives you the best of all worlds when shopping for digital EPS vector format maps. You'll find high resolution editable, stock vector map images from all parts of the world. The right stock map from Map Resources can give a professional edge to your brochures, publications, and other graphic design projects. You can also choose from styles of world vector map clipart or fully editable stock maps. You probably know how frustrating it is to try to find high resolution digital maps. Map Resources has created a collection of world map vector clip art with the quality and ease-of-use of professional designers in mind. Each stock map can be easily viewed and printed in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Most importantly for designers, they are also fully editable, multi-layered vector maps in Adobe Illustrator format. You can open and edit them easily with any version of Adobe Illustrator, or any program that can import Adobe Illustrator files. Adobe Illustrator format maps can be saved as EPS maps. We have hundreds of world and country maps to choose from in various artistic and conceptual styles. Whatever style of map you are looking for and whatever content you want your map to contain, you are most likely to find it quickly and easily at Map Resources. Each Illustrator map features geographic areas as separate vector objects you can select and edit to highlight specific geographic regions or cities. Changing the font style and size of the text on our map clip art is just as easy since all text is fully editable. That means you can edit the layers of your stock map to emphasize exactly the features you need. Emphasize political features such as cities and borders. Do you need to show landscape features and terrain? Map Resources has a wide variety of vector world map choices with fine details. And, because you can use Adobe Illustrator to sample and edit the images within your Illustrator map, you can save time by creating backgrounds, high-impact graphics, and clip art that you can use over and over again. Our clipart is a fully editable, layered Adobe Illustrator digital vector format file. You can save the output as EPS vector maps. That means that users of Adobe Illustrator, or similar applications, can easily edit the layers of the stock maps to customize the geographical images on the globe. Simply use the layers feature to modify the map land mass as a single object, or the map features in separate layers. Turn feature layers of our vector maps on or off with a click of the mouse for quick editing. Each Illustrator vector map lets you customize color fills, text style, and line work. You can even add your own information and artwork, and rescale our quality maps without losing image quality. Source.

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