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This is a serious matter. I make a drawing. I then want to make vector solid flat colour (a shape like in the picture below) to start adding some colour. But the shape always pops up on a layer on top of my drawing and hide my drawing. I can not see where to set my vector points anymore. So I don't use Painter for this, I use Photoshop instead. There everything works like it should, on a layer below my drawing. Please Corel, correct this for the next Painter version! The shape layer being on top on a different layer is completely normal and should be like that, because we have no other way to order objects. We can't right click an object and order it like other programs can. What I think is horrible is that that isn't in the UI itself, you can't change the width or turn off stroke in the UI menu, which needs to be fixed. You can change everything about your shape in the shape menu, but not through the UI. Hate having to deal with popping windows, at least stroke width and the toggle needs to be accessible through the UI. Just temporarily turn off stroke, continue where you left off with pen, and turn it on when you're ready. I think the vector side of Painter needs some attention in general but you can of course simply drag the shape layer below and continue or set the default shape attributes to something more appropriate to work with - a low opacity fill or even a thin stroke with no fill and then change them afterwards. (I realise you probably know this already) Ganweianiex, I can toggle the line or fill on or off in the menu (Painter X3) so it is not my concern, since I work on custom palettes and easily change my fill colour in this menu. No, my concern is while painting, starting up using flat fills under my inking. The shape, the flat fill, always pops up on top over my drawing. In Photoshop I just start under the inking layer and add one by one flat fill = no pup up over and switch to layer adjustment tool to drag the shape down and go back to the pen tool, hit the node and start over. That is time consuming and boring. So, my suggestion still is, please fix the 'pop up on top and over' Corel Painter developing team :) Source.

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