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Vectors are points, multipoints, polylines, or polygons used to mark areas of interest within an image. Use the Vector toolbar buttons to work with vectors. For additional details on vectors, see Vector Records Background. ENVI supports shapefiles (.shp) and ENVI vector files (.evf). See Vector Auxiliary Files Background for a list and description of the auxiliary files that ENVI creates on your local drive when opening vector files for the first time. If an Esri® shapefile is open in both ArcMap™ and ENVI and you change that layer in ArcMap (for example, move vertices), you can refresh the layer in ENVI to see the changes. To refresh in ENVI, the layer must first be saved in ArcMap. Refresh with one of the following: The layer closes and reopens. Refreshing the layer moves it to the top of the order in the Layer Manager. If you have multiple views of the Esri layer open in the Image window, the layer will close in all views that contain that it and reopen in the active view. Vector edit or delete options include: deleting a record, moving a polyline or polygon vertex, adding or deleting a polyline or polygon vertex, grouping or ungrouping records. joining polylines, merging or splitting polylines or polygons, smoothing polygons, rectangulating polygons. and removing polygon holes. To change the properties of a vector layer, double-click the layer name in the Layer Manager or right-click and select Properties. To edit the display properties for a given attribute, select an attribute name from the Select Attribute drop-down list. The Attribute Values section on the left side of the Vector Properties dialog lists the unique values for that attribute. To edit the display properties of a specific attribute value, select the value in the Attribute Values list. Use the bottom table to edit the color properties for that value. If a vector or Esri feature class layer has an associated attribute table, you can open and view the attributes. Right-click on the layer name in the Layer Manager and select View Attributes to open the Attribute Viewer. Source.

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