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I got the update to install so I could look at your file, but there are only two vectors and one is a closed square. I tried highlighting only the open ones and moving them all around, but still I only see one open vertical vector sitting on top of a square. I don't see two vectors you can join. Sorry, maybe someone else can see it. bluridg, we need more information on what it is you're trying to actually do. If this is an example to show the Join command not working then all I can say is that the Join command is working fine. There is no way to join vectors like that with the Join command as you're trying to join an open vector to a closed vector. I left the cntr vertical line long to prove they were touching. I then clipped the line outside the box with the rejoin box checked. they still show two different vectors. when I hit join, shows open vectors. have increased tolerance to ridiculous levels. the join window never lights. am working at a friends unit. he has aspire. I have vcve but am getting the same results. this is just an example of a situation. was originally creating a complicated design and wanted to connect vectors to allow a simpler toolpath. sometime the join won't work and the join icons do work. obviously I don't understand something very basic about joining vectors The join command is never going to work for that example. It joins open vectors to open vectors. You're trying to join an open vector to a closed vector. Even if you cut the square at some point so you had two open vectors, you could not join them. The join command joins the of vectors together. In order to join, you have to have two ends near each other. You can't join vectors at a T or where they cross. I can't open that one either - it tells me it was made with a newer version. I'm using 8.020 and when I try to install 8.024 I get an error message at the end telling me it can't delete the old version. I have the same problem with files made on one of my computers and then it will not open on the other, even though they were updated on the same day. It's not a machining problem. The OP posted the file as an example of a problem is was having with the join vectors tool. It's not a problem though as a closed vector can't be joined to an open one using that tool. The multiple squares appear because the calculated toolpath in that file was made using vectors that no longer exist in the file. Yes Adrian, I realise that, however, maybe the OP does not realise that toolpaths remains even when he deletes the vectors? He hasn't mentioned anything to do with toolpaths in any of his posts that I can see. The questions were all about why the join tool wouldn't work for him. Source.

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