In this section we will look at post-processing the TUFLOW results so they can be imported and viewed in ArcGIS. We will bring 3D surfaces (as gridded datasets) as well as point and vector data (as region objects). When applied the results should now be shaded with low depths shown in light blue and deeper water as a dark blue, as per the image below. In order to bring the vector data into ArcGIS as arrows, it is necessary to utilise a TUFLOW utility called TUFLOW_to_GIS.exe this utility can be downloaded from the TUFLOW website (TUFLOW Downloads). There is separate wiki page on how to use the TUFLOW_to_GIS utility. This page can be found here TUFLOW to GIS. A console window should appear and the batch file may process for a minute or so. When finished the output screen should look like screen image below: Source.

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