Vintage World Map with Ribbon & Tags | GraphicRiver

A finely textured artistic Map of the World illustration with added extras, to form the basis of your retro/vintage info graphic. The PSD is fully editable, and there is a set of pattern files of the colored texture fills which you can change around to suit your theme. The actual mercator projection globe consists of 8 layers – by changing the hue, saturation, opacity and blending options, and turning layers off or on, a great variety of different effects can be obtained in this one map. The grungy distressed textures are all separated from the shapes. Add your own images into the frames, supplement with your own graphics and text, to quickly create a trendy modern retro character for your information project. Also included is a 2560×1600px 72dpi basic map jpeg, a piece of which you can see at 100% detail in the Screenshot. Source.

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Last Modified: January 28, 2014 @ 12:00 am