LeadDog products are used in a variety of applications that require accurate and comprehensive GIS street and road centerline maps. LeadDog data products are widely used for routing, geocoding, asset-tracking, and site selection by the government, the military, and private security companies. LeadDog provides a topologically connected network of streets and roads to support routing. In areas where attributes are scarce, basic geometry based routing is supported. In areas where attributes are more complete, more advanced routing using both geometry and attributes describing one-way streets, ramps, etc., is supported. Attributes are empty for many road and street segments, due to scarce information in remote countries and regions. LeadDog is constantly working to collect and fill in missing information. These data can only be used by LeadDog customers, as detailed specifically in LeadDog licensing terms and agreements. Data are licensed to Princeton University-affiliated persons only. Individual number assigned to each polygon. First two numbers in the string represent the province associated with that clave. Source.

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