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I would like to be able to run a model that iterates through datasets and at one point extracts just a single point feature from within the dataset and save it in a different geodatabase. The problem I run into is that the feature class to feature class tool will not recognize my inline string for the path of the feature class. It wants me to point a feature class within the model to the feature class to feature class tool. Is there a way to 'extract' a single feature class from a dataset and then use it as the input for the next tool in the chain within model builder? you have two pairs of coordiantes per line, so this look like points and not like linear referencing (which would use only 2 values, M start and M end). Therefore my suggestion is to create the two points in your spreadsheet using 'Make XY event Layer'. Once for the 'begins' and once for the 'ends'. The next step is then to split your highways at the closest location from those points (split line at points). You then have your segments. Convert your polygons into lines (by which each edge of the polygons - a line between the consequent vertices - will become a line feature in the output feature class.) After the conversion, the output lines will preserve their 'parent' polygon ID. Use GP tool: Feature To Line. Take each point and then find out which line feature is the closest. By finding out this and the distance, you will be able to join points to the polygons thereafter based on the source polygon ID. This will tell to what source polygon each point has min distance (if needed). Use GP tool: Near. Source.

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