Christine is a useful, easy-to-use tool that analyses tabular data (such as dBASE) and data from database servers. It can display both vector and raster data and supports JPEG, TIFF, Shapefiles, DBF files and Bitmaps. GISquirrel is a low-cost 'add-on' for ESRI's ArcGIS that allows ArcView to view, edit and manage spatial data stored in Microsoft SQL Server. * GISquirrel links ArcGIS/ArcMap with Microsoft SQL Server (2008 or 2000/5), without middleware or higher licensing levels.* If you don't have SQL Server already, you can use the free 'Express' editions.* GISquirrel integrates spatial data with wider information management systems.* GISquirrel is simple to administer.* GISquirrel gives cost-effective power and scalability.* GISquirrel provide multi-user editing (with an ArcView licence).* GISquirrel brings OGC-compliance for cross-platform interoperability.* GISquirrel automatically manages spatial indexes and metadata.* GISquirrel has a developer API.* GISquirrel integration with Oracle, PostgreSQL/PostGIS (and maybe others) is planned in future upgrades.A free demo download is available from the GISquirrel website. Free copies of GISquirrel are available to charities and non-profits – at the discretion of the directors of exeGesIS SDM Ltd. Source.

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