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Please read and follow this checklist carefully. The following guidelines and specifications will ensure the highest quality reproduction for your decals. Large Files can get mailed using: to: Vector Art work is required for all plotter cut vinyl graphics. (remember the plotter machine follows and cuts every line in your file) - Save files as Uncompressed. - All fonts converted to curves. - Remove all unwanted layers. - All strokes or outlines converted to objects. - All overlapping objects of same color must be welded as 1 piece. - File must be in PC format NO MAC FILES ACCEPTED. - All text must at least .5 inches tall. - Line weight must be a minimum of .0625 inches. For printing of Full Color images we need at lease a 300 DPI resolution image (Dots Per Inch). If you submit a file less then 300 dpi remember that your image will only look as good as the file you sent us. Q: I have a JPG image. Why can't I use that for Digital printing (note: jpg files can be printed on vinyl, they need to be at least 300 dpi)? A: Jpg's and Gif file formats are both bitmap - based images which are series of pixels. The pixels often give a blurry, 'stairstep' look when printed. Both JPG's and Gif's are compressed file formats to make smaller file sizes for faster loading on web sites but do not print clearly. Q: I saved my jpg as an Illustrator file but that still won't work. Why? A: Opening a jpg or gif in Illustrator and saving it as an Illustrator file does not change the fact that it is still a pixel-based or 'raster' image. Artwork that is actually created in a drawing program such as llustrator, Freehand, or Corel Draw is vector-based. That means that the lines and shapes of the artwork are based on mathematical formulas which makes the artwork completely scalable. No matter how much you magnify the image, the lines will still be sharp and clear. When we change your jpg or gif into an Illustrator file, we actually re - create it. Q: I have a Photoshop file but I was told it won't work even though it is in the list of acceptable file formats. Why? A: Photoshop and Illustrator art programs have a lot of the same features but Photoshop is mostly used to edit photos and create other raster images. Photoshop is invaluable for photographs, color-separations or layered artwork but with the exception of a few of the key chains that allow a full-color photo, your artwork will normally be 1 or 2 colors in drawn logos which need to be vector - based files. Q: How can I change my low-resolution image into a high-resolution one? A: Unfortunately it is impossible to turn a low-resolution raster image into a high-resolution one. Resolution can be reduced but it can never be increased. Source.

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