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ePublisher allows you to take advantage of new technologies and empowers you with features and formats that keep the integrity of your message while meeting the preferences of your audience. The WebWorks platform offers technical communicators the ability to convert single-source documentation to 16 different premium outputs through a 'one-click' publishing workflow. WebWorks has developed a proprietary HTML5 mobile output called WebWorks Reverb that you won't find in any other publishing solution. WebWorks Reverb will publish HTML5 to any device, present or future, all from a single file set, with no need for you to develop several custom templates or do any additional formatting. Remember, just because someone has HTML5 doesn't mean they have WebWorks Reverb! Instead of having to go into the source documents and change the conditions every time you publish, you can just set the proper conditions in your ePublisher target. No matter what the conditions are set to in the source documents, ONLY the conditions that you have approved will display in the published output. Just simply add or change the content you want and then let ePublisher generate the right output with the right conditional text automatically. This is the one-click publishing workflow that ePublisher can give you under any circumstance. With ePublisher, creating PDFs is a breeze. A friendly point-and-click interface gives you the ability to make a beautiful custom PDF without having to worry about coding features manually or keeping the integrity of your links. ePublisher provides the only graphical UI in the industry for customizing the layout and look and feel of your PDF output. No complex coding is required, and you have complete control over all aspects of the layout and styling of your content. ePublisher allows you to generate publications that include multiple PDF files while preserving the hypertext links between separate PDF files. Not only are your hypertext links preserved, but if you have links between different document types, such as Word to FrameMaker or Structured FrameMaker to FrameMaker or Word to DITA, your hypertext links will still resolve between your separate documents. At WebWorks, the key to our success is making your life as easy as possible! That is the fundamental idea behind our one-click workflow. Our workflow removes numerous extra steps that are present with other publishing tools. You will never have to worry about manually importing styles, having to check your output formats on different devices, or managing several templates for the same content. ePublisher's workflow lets technical writers do what they do best--write documentation--while getting unprecedented output quality on any device in a single click. View firsthand how ePublisher can give you the power to transform your content into a useful information application through these customer implementations (select a logo to view ePublisher at work). Source.

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