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Further masks & channels, advanced layer techniques — l ayer effects, clipping groups, adjustment layers, filters & special effects, duotones, tritones & quadtones, compositing, digital pre-press Module Duration Part Time: : Duration : 8 x 3 Hours School Fee : S$500.00 Reg. fee : S$50.00 Notes Fee: S$15.00 Express: 8 lessons, 3 hours per session (5 days per week / twice weekly) Small group coaching, Flexible learning hours (can be specially arranged), Bilingual English & Mandarin course available. School Fee: S$550.00 Reg. fee : S$50.00 Notes Fee: S$15.00 * All courses are subjected to $50.00 registration fee. Certification: Students will be awarded a certificate upon attaining 80% attendance and completion of all classroom exercises and passing the exam. Related Software Courses Photoshop integrates well with the other products from Adobe’s. Its synergy with Pagemaker, PageMill, and especially Illustrator is remarkable. It also works well with Macromedia FreeHand, and is often used to create graphics for multimedia authoring: Macromedia Director, and Authorware. Photoshop is the software of choice used by animators in 3D StudioVIZ and LightWave (both for image and texture maps), Adobe Premiere (for capturing, compositing video stills and rotoscoping), as well as for Internet graphics. At Palin, Adobe Photoshop forms a core component in all our graphics-based courses. Be it Multimedia & Integrative Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design or Web Page Design, you can be sure that somewhere along the way, Adobe Photoshop will figure prominently! Source.

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