Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editing application created by Adobe systems. It is used by both graphics designers and artists to create and edit vector images. The application is widely used to create photo-realistic drawings, maps, infographics, drawing illustrations, logos, graphs and charts. Adobe Illustrator has a learning curve and may be difficult to use at first. It utilizes mathematical equations to draw out shapes. This allows vector graphics to be scaled without any loss of resolution. Since it is part of the Adobe Creative Suite, Illustrator works well with other Adobe products, such as Photoshop. Graphics created with Illustrator can be edited further using Photoshop. Adobe Illustrator is used to create vector graphics. Vector graphics are mathematically drawn by a computer allowing users to change the size of a drawing without losing quality. Raster graphics, such as those used in Photoshop, are created using static... Full Answer >, Adobe Bridge, part of the Adobe Creative Cloud or Adobe Creative Suite, is a digital asset management application from Adobe Systems. It provides centralized access to media assets for users who are creating content for print, web or video. Microsoft Visio is a specialized diagram application for the creation of business plans, flowcharts and layouts with scalable vector graphics. The program offers a diverse set of visual applications and built-in stencils to simplify complex data through the... Full Answer >, AutoShapes is a Microsoft Office feature that lets users draw graphics of different shapes and sizes as an alternative to importing them from another software application. The feature applies to MS Excel, MS FrontPage, MS Power Point and MS Word. A user... Full Answer >, Source.

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