MiraMon ('WorldWatcher') is a program for displaying, consulting and editing raster and vector maps. It has been made without profit aim to be used for both the public and private sectors for scientific, educational and environmental management purposes and other GIS-related projects where an available and rigorous tool is needed. For raster maps we mean all kind of remote sensing data, orthophotographs, digital elevation models, conventional thematic maps in a grid-based structure, etc. For vector maps we mean all kind of graphic representation based on objects defined by points (nests, water points, etc), lines (rivers, roads, etc) or polygons (forests, administrative entities, etc). MiraMon philosophy is not oriented towards a commercial program with all kind of 'festival' facilities, but to provide tools with which to accomplish all needed operations. Programming is a hard work and if it not done with a lucrative purpose, it must be aimed at the most important things. MiraMon takes advantage of your hardware and software, but does not need last generation components. It is a a native 32-bit Windows application, running on any PC. Apart from being an analysis tool, MiraMon is also used as an easy to use spatial data viewer. Not only complete licenses can be purchased but also licenses specifically designed for data demos can be purchased at a very low price. The latter only allow opening a limited set of predefined files. For example, you can distribute a CD-ROM containing MiraMon together with samples of the geographical data you produce (imagery, digital elevation models, conventional topographic maps, etc), all ready to view. Source.

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