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Vector graphics is the creation of digital images through a sequence of commands or mathematical statements that place lines and shapes in a given two-dimensional or three-dimensional space. In physics, a vector is a representation of both a quantity and a direction at the same time. In vector graphics, the file that results from a graphic artist's work is created and saved as a sequence of vector statements. For example, instead of containing a bit in the file for each bit of a line drawing, a vector graphic file describes a series of points to be connected. One result is a much smaller file. At some point, a vector image is converted into a raster graphics image, which maps bits directly to a display space (and is sometimes called a bitmap). The vector image can be converted to a raster image file prior to its display so that it can be ported between systems. A vector file is sometimes called a geometric file. Most images created with tools such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw are in the form of vector image files. Vector image files are easier to modify than raster image files (which can, however, sometimes be reconverted to vector files for further refinement). Animation images are also usually created as vector files. For example, Shockwave's Flash product lets you create 2-D and 3-D animations that are sent to a requestor as a vector file and then rasterized 'on the fly' as they arrive. Enterprises are adopting cloud which, in turn, creates more demand for cloud services and tools. But some vendors have not ... To evolve IT operations for cloud, organizations must embrace automation and change the way they think about resource ... A massive Google cloud outage this week went largely unnoticed compared to the type of outcry that accompanies downtime for its ... After my kids took a short programming course, I wondered about the future of human instinct. Do coding, analytics and other ... Learn how Cascading Style Sheets and Dropbox software engineer Jamie Chung are both considered change agents in the tech industry. VersionOne's 10th annual survey shows Agile methodologies are widely deployed, including increasingly in enterprises, and in ... Microservices vs. SOA -- who wins? Take this quiz to learn about the critical differences between an SOA-based and ... Governance is critical in IT, but practitioners often are wrapped up with the technical components, they forget about their ... Can today's software professional learn lessons about simplified programming from the new generation of developers and engineers?... Are language architects, or would-be language architects, doing a disservice to Java by overthinking it? Let's not over-design ... While developing a fun UI was once the biggest hurdle facing mobile development teams, the new challenge is going one step ... Customers have a short memory and lots of alternatives, so organizations must ensure that poor performance and software failure ... With businesses running at cloud speed, employees need to generate instant analytics reports via search bar queries. ThoughtSpot ... Private and public cloud services are growing fast. Take this brief quiz and find out just how fast that growth really is, and if... Microsoft SQL Server databases garner little glory, but they remain a key part of the Windows stack. Containers as a service ... Source.

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