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Inkscape seems to be the best alternative to Adobe Illustrator, but as far as I can tell it can only read the AI SVG format. There seems to be a solution on Windows but I can't tell if that is also valid on Linux. The vector art is quite simple, so it's not a problem if I have to re-create it in a new application. What counts is that the output file is a format recognized by the industry. You can Use Inkscape you can import the ilustrator 9.0 version file, and corel 7 X14 version files but i don't recommend to you those formats because the conversion is not so good. Normally wen i have to deal with files from others programs, i use PDF or SVG the standart file of Inkscape. Corel as well as Illustrator can recognize and read SVG format. But the problem is that sometimes they don't open SVG properly. Generally some publishers can print from pdf. I think, the main issue is to get along with the publishing house about the file prepared for print. It's hard to say why Adobe Illustrator uses such thicker lines for PNG than SVG. AI uses their proprietary document format internally, so converting to either PNG or SVG will result in some subtle changes. However, for the simple question of how to make the SVG file look more like the PNG, just go back into your editor, select everything, and set a larger stroke width. If you still find that the lines are fuzzy, you could set shape-rendering:crispEdges, in your CSS, but be aware that this turns off anti-aliasing completely, resulting in jagged edges to your diagonal lines. Windows cannot natively use vector files for icons, it's just that from Vista onwards the maximum icon size was increased to 256x256 and even now not all third party developers have caught up. Programs store several versions of their icon in a resource file which resides either in the exe or a dll. If a high resolution version is not available then Windows may not attempt to scale it up to full size. That is why Putty has a small icon and Skype does not. You could however use a vectorisation program to create a vector version of an existing icon so that you can scale it up and save it at a higher resolution. Source.

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