What’s New 15.2: DevExtreme | DevExpress

v15.2 includes the new dxForm widget - designed to present and edit data stored in an object. This widget allows you to bind each layout item to a specific data field or generate a new data object based upon form field values. New summary display modes include: Display Mode, Running Total, Cross Group Summary Calculation and Calculate Summary Value. The DevExtreme pivot grid widget now supports virtual scrolling, making it much faster when working with large volumes of data. Ability to save and restore a pivot grid's state (fields in areas, sorting, filters, expanded headers). We've also optimized use of Lookup fields. With the new calculateDisplayValue column option enabled, the grid loads only string values displayed by the Lookup field. With this release, data grouping and summary calculations can be executed on the server. This significantly reduces the amount of data transferred to the client and improves overall performance when working with large datasets. Two-way binding for Knockout and AngularJS frameworks forces grid cells to be updated when corresponding field values change outside the grid. With this release, users can edit individual events contained within recurring appointment patterns and convert them to standalone appointments when appropriate. With the 'appointmentTooltipTemplate' option, you can now specify custom markup of appointment tooltips. The Scheduler allows you to handle the 'AppointmentClick', 'AppointmentDblClick' and 'CellClick' UI events. Fine-tune and perfect the Scheduler’s appointment detail form to address a broad range of use-case scenarios. Ability to display multiple series in a single pie chart. Different series are now displayed as rings located one inside another. With this release, we have added the ability to interact with pie chart series points using their labels (click, double click and hover). This release ships with new multiple projection types: Mercator, Equirectangular, Lambert cylindrical equal-area and Miller cylindrical projection. You can also implement your own projection. With this release, the DevExtreme data layer can be seamlessly used with the Parse cloud data storage. With this release, you can use the npm plugin repository. Simply add the plugin's address to the config and build a custom application template. To learn detailed information on new features and resolved issued, refer to the What’s New in 15.2 list. Source.

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Last Modified: April 18, 2016 @ 7:05 am