What’s new in ArcGIS Online – November 2015 | MapData Services

Please note: this is a condensed list of update features and enhancements. For the full November update notes, please visit Esri ArcGIS Online Help. Beta versions of Esri vector basemaps are available as vector tile layers and maps for display in the map viewer and for use in custom basemap galleries. Custom web apps built with ArcGIS API for JavaScript can consume vector tile layers by loading the web map or by adding vector tile layers directly to the map. As a developer, you can programmatically customise the style and contents of the map, such as turning a layer on or off. Credit usage statistics can now be downloaded as a CSV file. This downloadable option increases the flexibility in how organisations use credit utilisation information for custom usage reporting. New apps reports are available, including aggregations and drill-down details on apps published by the organisation, app creation tools used, and detailed reports on member sign in activity, including the frequency and patterns of usage by organisational members. Directions has been enhanced to provide additional options to finding destinations. If your organisation has configured custom geocoders or when the map includes searchable layers, you can select one of these resources to search for destinations for your route. Create and view local scenes that display content in any projected coordinate system. Visualise your data in a smaller or local extent, clip your scene and navigate underground. A new edit tracking option is available for hosted feature layers that allows editors to view, update and delete only the features they add. This option gives layer owners increased control for managing features created by multiple editors. A new set of data collection templates are available for creating hosted feature layers to use with Collector for ArcGIS. Custom home page banners now have no height restrictions. This means you can upload an image without making additional edits to the HTML to get the banner to display its full height. Banners width is still restricted to 960 pixels. From the details pane of a map, map and layer details now open in a separate browser tab, allowing you to keep the map visible in your browser. is no longer fixing bugs specific to Internet Explorer 7 or 8, testing those versions, or listing limitations in the help. This includes the configurable apps and the map viewer. and World Topographic Map have been updated with additional levels of detail in the tiling scheme to support display of larger-scale data in or on the basemap. World Street Map, Light Gray Canvas, Dark Gray Canvas and reference layers have been updated with more recent data for North America. The World Imagery map has been updated at small-to-medium scales with the latest available 15-metre TerraColor imagery, with several updates in Arctic region, Asia, and other parts of world using recent Landsat 8 imagery. The app gallery has been redesigned to make it easier to choose the configurable app you want to use. You can filter based on the purpose of the app and search to refine the set of apps you see. Minimalist is a new simple map viewer app with a minimalist user interface. By default it presents just a map with a scale bar and zoom slider, but it can be configured to show a content panel that presents a legend, map details, or pop-up info. Building and updating story maps is now easier. You can create and modify maps as well as identify and troubleshoot issues with your stories from within the builder mode in story map journal and story map series. by individuals with disabilities has been improved. This is part of an ongoing goal by Esri to design and implement accessible GIS products and technologies that align with the objectives of A new reviewer dashboard widget displays data quality result statistics as infographics pie and bar charts to summarise your In its continued effort to promote the importance of metadata, Open Data now highlights several key sections of standards-based metadata. The publication date is used to reflect the currency of the data and distributions are exposed as custom downloads in open data sites. Please note: this is a condensed list of update features and enhancements. For the full November update notes, please visit Source.

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