The Hobo–Dyer map projection is a cylindrical equal-area projection, with standard parallels (where there is no north-south nor east-west distortion) at 37... This goal is similar to that of other equal-area projections (such as the Gall–Peters projection), but the Hobo-Dyer is billed by the publisher as 'more visually satisfying'. .. The Hobo–Dyer projection was used in a map to show the 68 countries around the world in which the Carter Center has worked since 1982, when Jimmy Carter received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. A map projection is a systematic transformation of the latitudes and longitudes of locations on the surface of a sphere or an ellipsoid into locations on a plane. .. Roussilhe Lambert conformal conic Peirce quincuncial projection Adams hemisphere-in-a-square projection Guyou hemisphere-in-a-square projectionEqual-area These are some projections that preserve area: Gall orthographic (also known as Gall–Peters, or Peters, projection) Albers conic Lambert azimuthal equal-area Lambert cylindrical equal-area Mollweide Hammer Briesemeister Sinusoidal Werner Bonne Bottomley Goode's homolosine Hobo–Dyer Collignon Tobler hyperelliptical Snyder’s equal-area polyhedral projection, used for geodesic grids. .. editable pdf, optimized for PowerPoint and Adobe Illustrator. This includes an add-on to Adobe Illustrator’s Symbols Palette making the fully editable vector flags permanently available on Illustrator’s desktop panel. Standard map projections include Miller-, Robinson- and Mercator projection also Gall–Peters- or Hobo-Dyer projection. The digital maps and flags are available for immediate download through the Online-Map-Shop, e.g. world maps, continent- or country maps, post code- as well as topographic maps. All raster- and vector maps are fully editable .. be found at New Regent Street every weekday from 12-2pm.AutobiographyAn autobiography has been published, 'My Life as a Miracle' (ISBN 0-908812-73-6) []CartographyThe Wizard produced an upside-down map using the Hobo–Dyer projection which placed New Zealand and Australia top-centre. Film'The Wizard of New Zealand QSM', directed by Grant John Neville and Director of Photography Karlos Filipov, is an award-winning documentary that follows the life of the first man in the modern world to be appointed Source.

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