Windows Icons: Reference list with details, locations & images

Good quality icons and images, especially ones with an alpha transparency can be time consuming to make, and are often also hard to find. One source of lots of high quality icons in a range of sizes is Windows. Windows 7 includes lots of icons which can be useful as the majority are available in sizes from 16×16 up to 256×256, and come with alpha transparency. You may have noticed that we use some on our downloads page – they’re handy to quickly indicate file type. Windows stores most of its icons inside exe and dll files which makes them inaccessible to standard image manipulation applications like Photoshop. However, once they have been located they can easily be extracted with the freeware utility IcoFX. Tracking some of them down seems to be the trickier part. Below is a quick reference for the locations of many of the icons available on Windows 7. I will periodically add more details and any extra icon libraries I discover to this list. The numbers below each icon refer to the icon number of the file, and the number in brackets indicates how many variants of the icon there are (there could be up to a theoretical maximum of 20, with different colour depths and sizes. All the icon screenshots shown below are of 32×32 icons in their highest available colour-depth. %windir%system32mmres.dll (General Audio Resources) – Thanks to Marek Podgorny (see comments below) On Win8.1 the bluetooth icon has much better resolution in C:WindowsSystem32bthudtask.exe, 1 though the one used in the tray item “Bluetooth Devices” is really C:WindowsSystem32bthprops.cpl, 3 I’ve tried the one from C:Windowssystem32netshell.dll, 104 but it becomes very distorted in tray. […] More from Don Blevens: Software Cloud Sites For Later PoE Sort Share 2 minutes […] Thanks. I didn’t want to post individual icons with their transparency as I think that’s pushing the copyright side of things too far but anyone with Windows on their PC can now grab the icons themselves easily enough Download IcoFX 2 (version 3 is no longer free) from our download page and install that. Go to file: open, and change “files of type” to “windows binary”. Then select the .dll file of choice. In the window that appears select the icon you want to extract and click the extract button. In that new window (the icon itself) select the size you want from the left hand column, right click on it, and select “export image”. I’d change the save as filetype to PNG, but it’s up to you – then just save it. Cheers for your comments Marek – I’ve added details of mmres.dll. You’re also correct that numbering starts from 0 – thanks for pointing that out I found some dlls and exe files with icons in them, e.g. zipflrdr.dll There are others if you go looking in the system32 folder. Source.

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