In the DesignShop or higher product level, you will have an option on the open dialog box for Open .bmp Graphics At Stored Resolution Setting. If checked, this option will open graphics files at the resolution that they were saved at. If this option is unchecked, the graphic will open at 254 dpi (dots per inch). There is one universal OFM file format. This universal format can be read by all versions of DesignShop. On DesignShop versions lower than 9.00.000 the design will be read as expanded data. The user can convert the expanded data to wireframe data, if desired. Note: When saving in the Tajima format, the files internal file name can be entered in the Save As dialog (in the Tajima Internal Filename textbox). If this textbox is left blank, the internal file name will be changed to match the Windows file name. In order to make sure that the graphic information is saved with the .ofm file, check the Save Graphic in File box at the bottom of the Save As dialog. If you are using both DesignShop 2005 (or higher) and AMAYA OS 2005 (or higher), both of these programs have tools built in that allow the transfer of files between the two programs. To send a design to the AMAYA machine from DesignShop, select Machine->,Load Design (you can also select Machine->,Add to Job List to place a design on the machine Job List). When you have a file loaded in AMAYA OS, and you want to edit the file in DesignShop, click the DesignShop logo button. This will open the design in a DesignShop window. If you do not have both DesignShop 2005 (or higher) and AMAYA OS 2005 (or higher), you cannot send a design to an AMAYA machine from DesignShop. To sew a design you have been working on in DesignShop, save the design in DesignShop, then open it in AMAYA OS. Please note that machine settings (such as material thickness) will be saved with ofm files. You can edit these machine settings in DesignShop in the Machine Settings property tab. For this to work correctly with ofm files, ofm files that are saved from AMAYA OS should be saved as a file version that can be opened by DesignShop (and vice versa, files that are saved from DesignShop should be saved as a file version that can be opened by AMAYA OS). Please see the table below to determine which ofm file versions can be opened with your versions of AMAYA OS and DesignShop. (Select Help->,About in the program to determine the program version). You can change DesignShop file options by selecting Tools->,Options, then selecting the File Options tab. Source.

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