Specify the name & location of the new folder to keep the scanned maps file or you also can put the files into a existing folder. to points out the x & y coordinate of that sign. The x, y coordinate will be shown on the top of right-hand side of View windows. To determine this scaling factor, first find a distinct object, e.g. house or road or some linear feature on both the GIS basemap (shapefile) and the scanned image. On the GIS map, use ArcView to measure the length of the object. Then examine the same feature in the scanned image (you can also view it with ArcView). Count the number of pixels for that object. The length of the object measured from the GIS basemap divided by the number of pixels will give you the scaling factor. If the pixels are not equal-sided squares, then you should find a linear feature running in the east-west direction for the x scale factor. See discussion on x scale factor above. Use a linear feature running in the north-south direction if pixels are not equal-sided squares. If you have added both the shapefile and the image file but see only one and not the other, click the Zoom To Full Extent button to see both. The image is probably not correctly registered to the basemap. Source.

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