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Our World of Mercator’s Projection Map Mural celebrates the legacy of the C16th cartographer Gerardus Mercator. Mercator is most famous for his production of a map in 1569 that was based on a new projection which represented sailing courses of constant bearing as straight lines. Our World of Mercator’s Projection Map Mural has a beautiful vintage look, with soft pastel colouring that will completely transform your interior décor in an instant. - Our design team can customise and alter any image to suit your requirements - Made in the UK - Highest grade materials - Simple and quick to install Our wallpaper is suitable in both domestic and commercial environments, and we offer three main paper types to cater for virtually any application requirements and budget. Details on each paper type can be seen below. Our heavyweight paper is the extremely hard wearing and top quality 350gsm paper backed vinyl. This paper is a high grade wallpaper suitable for homes, commercial premises, and high traffic areas where durability and extremely high print quality is desired. - 350gsm Premium Weight - Fine art canvas texture finish - Excellent print quality and colour clarity - Easy installation with paste-the-wall method using standard wallpaper adhesive - Extremely durable, wipe clean surface - Suitable for homes, high traffic commercial, kitchens & bathrooms Our most medium weight wallpaper is a great quality wallpaper for general use around the home. Providing excellent print quality with good durability makes this a great choice. - 300gsm medium weight wallpaper - Slightly textured surface finish - Very good colour definition and print quality - Easy installation with paste-the-wall method using standard wallpaper adhesive - Durable, wipe clean surface - Suitable for homes and low traffic commercial areas Even though this is our lowest grade paper, the weight and print quality is still impressive. The paper itself is just slightly thinner than regular wallpaper, making it suitable for homes, lower budgets and medium term solutions. - 140gsm Paper Weight - Good Colour Definition and Vibrance - Smooth Grain Surface - Resistant to Light Damage - Suitable in Homes and for Medium Term Applications Our murals are produced to make installation as simple as possible, meaning fitting can be carried out by anyone with competent DIY skills, or by a painter and decorator who is used to hanging wallpaper. You simply need standard wallpaper hanging tools including a sharp knife, roller or paint brush, and plastic squeegee to smooth out your wallpaper. A standard ready mixed wallpaper adhesive is required to paste the wallpaper to the wall, and we can supply this to you if required. Our wallpaper is supplied in manageable 1.2m wide sections that are made to fit the height of your wall. Each strip is numbered so you know exactly how the mural fits together, and the order in which to hang your mural. Simply start from one side of the wall and continue to hang each drop of wallpaper, matching the design as you move along the wall until the mural is complete. We also print your wallpaper 1-2% larger than the dimensions you give us to allow for adequate excess paper for trimming. © Mura Innovations Ltd 2016, 6 Watkinson Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L1 0BE, Registered in England Company Number: 07473316 Source.

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