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I am having trouble doing this in my current software, Serif Drawplus, PSE, Photoplus, (I have Gimp but haven't used it ever yet). And I am considering buying X6 for use in other projects. So, can x6 do this in either Photo Paint with a bitmap, or in X6 with a group of Vectors? I want to wrap a bottle with a logo. The mesh warps aren't working for me in the above applications, and envelope warping will not work either. Transform-Warp is not present in PSE. I mention that because I see a tutorial for PS using that. How would Corel X6 Suite do this? I am considering buying the software once some questions I have about it are cleared up. I wish Corel would make the manual and tutorial videos public. I'd rather download the trial for actually using it rather than trying to see if some feature is present, or a workaround for a feature a competitor has. I am also hoping to make in this project, some 10-20 different bottles with the logo on, of different sized bottles and different rotations of the bottles. Plan D is acquainting myself with Blender, but lets hope I don't have to go that far! I don't want to pester, but would the tool in x6 be more effective than other illustration software? It just seems the envelope tool is not effective in my application. The envelope tool I am using only allows nodes to be adjusted on four corners, and I am just not getting the effect of an image wrapping the edges of a bottle, either face on, or at an angel. Perhaps I am missing a trick to doing it. But the software I am using in one application is rediculously unfriendly to use and in the other application simply distorts the curve too much. So, X6 allows one to use a group of vectors for warping, not just a bitmap or svg? Presently, I must use either a single curve, or an image. I can not group vectors presently. But because of perspective, and the curving shape of the bottle, it seems to me it would be helpful in an envelop to have more than corner nodes to compress the image and it wraps the edge of the bottle. I've thought about Blender. Basically, I need a logo, wrap a cylinder, and manipulate it in Blender, then take a image shot and export it, then work with that. I have actually been reading what I thought was the included user guide of x5 (turns out it was the 3rd party guide for x5) I found on scribd last couple of days. The envelope tool in CorelDraw is fantastic, compared to what I am using right now. (one has problems forming the image and the other has a terrible user interface). I think it should work. I did see some artwork posted in these forums recently too, that combined Blender and CorelDraw to create a bottle, but that person was creating a photo realistic image - which included 3-d water reflections, far more than what I want. For objects on simple cylinders I use the Envelope Tool in CorelDraw X5. Select 'Putty' / Single Arc / Hold the Ctrl key down on a center node on top or bottom and drag downward a little. Be careful not to overdo it... a little goes a long way. In this example, a little inward perspective on the bottom nodes helps to match the camera perspective of the coffee mug. But, depending on what the lable looks like, laid out flat, that completely distorts the way a real label would look. The simple example below shows the problem. Of course, it is essentially shot at infinity, with zero paralax, but certainly close enough... Yes, I have this problem in X7 when I create an object and then apply it to IET Interactive envelope tool, free hand object cannot be converted to curves using the shape tool to edit nodes I click on convert to curves tool it doesn't work. You will notice that the convert to curves is grayed out on property bar. I notice that it doesn't work using the artistic media tool you cannot convert it to curves or break it apart. You will notice that the convert to curves is grayed out on property bar. See if you can save a Corel X7 file to a older version like Corel X3. Does your program crash? Mine does, also sometimes unable to print a file. I was working through this problem with one of the Corel Guru Trainers and we almost got it working good by reducing the temp files and resetting the corel X7 defaults but after I rebooted the system the problem came back. 2) IET Interactive envelope tool, free hand object cannot be converted to curves to edit node using the shape tool 2. 3- Dimensional objects and text shown on organic, spherical or cylindrical shapes. Adobe Illustrator has this powerful feature. I will keep you posted about the status of these problems. I am scheduled for a meeting by phone with a Corel Guru Trainer on Monday 12, 2014 to discuss the issues as described above. Source.

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